Friday, January 23, 2009

Sometimes I wonder about our world.....

Well actually all the time I wonder but this article made me wonder today:

Mom Admits to Not Loving Kid

In this article the mother is admitting she does not love her eldest daughter. She talks about how when she had her she did not want to touch or hold her. Then the relationship with the father ended and made things worse for the child. She discounts postpartum and such depression issues and simply says she does not love her child.

She says she now has another daughter with her current partner who is the "love of her life" and that the reason she is putting this out to the world is that she thinks there are other mothers who might be dealing with the same thing.

Ok first I think this woman needs a good Clue x 4 upside the head. Maybe if she didn't hop from partner to partner like a butterfly to flowers, then the start of the "problem" might never have arose.

But even beyond that, that poor child! Not only is she going to have issues with a mother who treats her distantly and a well favored sibling but now the whole world knows her mother doesn't love her. I really hope there is someone who shows her love to offset the damage from her mother otherwise I fear that child will be a stereotypical statistic in a few years, looking for love in all the wrong places.

I cannot fathom not loving my child. As much as I love the children I have kept over the years and they were not even my own, I just cannot fathom it. I want to go take that child away from that woman and shower her with love. I could spout out a few harsher things I am thinking right now but I will abstain and leave it at this:

Sometimes I wonder about our world.


Anonymous said...

like the lion in whiz-if she only had a heart--i would lol but it really isn't funny-it is just too sad

lime said...

really very sad.

Breazy said...

I can't imagine not loving a child either and worse I can't imagine telling the child that even I felt that way.


CozyMama said...

ditto what breazy said, as much as my kids drive me insane - life without them would kill me. they are everything and i love them more than i can even describe.