Monday, February 23, 2009


I am still job searching but I have been enjoying this time by contracting a lung disease, working in my garden, and throwing a birthday party.

The lung disease I am determined is croup that was brought on by my already asthmatic lungs and catching croup from a child I was keeping. It says adults don't get croup but there is always that one exception and this time I was it!

My front flower bed is starting to shape up and look nice. We had some crazy February days last two weeks where you could go outside in short sleeves and the sun was shining all pretty. Some of the plants around here have even begun to bloom, off course this week they are going "What the heck happened?!?" because it is once again colder. I bought this super cute planter holder I cannot wait to get out there, but I have to wait until mid-March to really be able to do much more because I need to wait until no more threats of frost. Well poo, I am not good at waiting!

Since I had to wait and have been twiddling my thumbs whilst waiting for the perfect job
::maniacal laughing::
I was asked if we could host my friend's birthday party at our house. I said yes of course! As you all know I love throwing parties. She wanted a Mardi Gras theme because her birthday is mere days before Fat Tuesday. I headed to my favorite party haunts and found great decor for less than $50. I was so excited. I have pondered starting a blog about budget party throwing because I really have got it down to a knack. She was getting the food together so I merely had to make sure my house was clean and decorated. We had a blast and everyone followed instructions and brought a mask!

I will write again soon than I did this time :)


Anonymous said...

nice to see you are still alive-lol

Breazy said...

I hope you feel better soon. Congrats on a successful party! The blog idea is a great one, I would frequent that blog definitely.

Good luck on a new job!