Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random thoughts, questions, and facts..

  • I got my teeth cleaned today and got a clean bill of health! Yay to me!
  • Will I become really skinny if I become a dental hygenist? They all are at my dentist's office.
  • I hate that I had to eat lunch because I don't like getting my newly cleaned teeth dirty.
  • I ate a packet of instant oatmeal, white cheddar cheezits, and soft batch chocolate chip cookies for lunch. Mmm healthy!
  • I decorated my tree last night but you all cannot see it yet because I haven't posted part two about the lights.
  • I bought nifty stamps that had nutcrackers on them today.
  • I should be working.
  • I have found quite a few others blogs I like. One had 166 comments on one blog. I am not sure you could add all my comments up ever and get that many! I guess that lady is a blogebrity.
  • I just made up a word ha ha.

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