Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Christmas Tree...part one

I love Christmas Trees. I know they are not the reason for the season nor would I ever act as such but I do love Christmas Trees. Oh and on a quick side note in case previous years rants have not been read, they are CHRISTMAS trees, not holiday trees or whatever p.c. drivel is out there.

For the last decade I have had to have fake trees because of one circumstance or another. The Parents didn't want to deal, or I didn't want to try and carry one up the stairs to the sardine box I lived in pre-Sexy Husband. This year though I have a house, and not only do I have a house, I have a house with hardwood floors throughout the entire thing. This means I was deadset on getting a real Christmas Tree because they are oh so much better and smell sooooooo good!

So this weekend, being after Thanksgiving, I convinced the husband, despite gray and wet weather, to go with me and select the lucky tree that will be loved in our home for the next month.

I originally had planned to buy our tree from the Boy Scouts. They have quite a few places in our city and surrounding areas where they sell trees during this time of year. Sexy Husband was an Eagle Scout as well as The Brother. Mr. Nephew is a cub scout and I always wanted to be a boy scout so natural assumption was to buy from them.

Until I saw their exorbitant prices!
$63 dollars for a Christmas tree???
I am not funding their college education I just want a tree and maybe in that give some money to the next camping trip!

Needless to say the Boy Scouts will have to wait for my support when the popcorn comes around again. Corporate America and one of our friend's salary saw our money at Lowes where it was $23 dollars for a very nice tree.

So we loaded the big boy up and took him home. Nestling him within his stand and in the corner where he can shine to the world out the window when lit...

The tree is definitely American, because it is fat! I didn't realize just how fat until we tried to put the lights on.....

Hear more about the lights in part two.


lime said...

ours last year was fat too. this year i'm getting a dietetic tree so it fits better!

Anonymous said...

that is not a fat tree, that is a fluffy tree, or a big boned tree, or a height challenged tree--etc

Breazy said...

My parents always had a real tree but I use a fake tree. I paid $140 bucks for a $270 pre-lit tree last year on black Friday at Home-Depot. Once it is up it looks real but I am still a bit iffy on the real ones, they are beautiful and do smell good though.

Your tree is beautiful, I can't wait to see it decorated!

have a good day.

Nicki said...

holy cow! That's a big tree! Has it been climbed yet? Tumped over by a nosy kitty?

Ameratis said...

Thankfully Mr. Kitty has only batted at one ornament and then threatened within an inch of his life upon doing so. Hopefully he won't feel the need to become a lumberjack kitty!