Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Part Two - Christmas Tree lights

This is our first Christmas, first tree in our first house so it is special. Due to the rotundness of our tree and my lack of height, I drafted Sexy Husband to help me put the lights on the Christmas tree. Now as most of you know the lighting of a Christmas tree (unless prelit) is always such a fun and simple time.

Loud laughing ensues.

We had three stands of lights which amazingly unraveled with no problems and all lit up when plugged into the socket (that should have been my first clue)

So yay we had skipped half of the cursing, teeth gnashing, and light throwing part and could begin lassoing the tree with lights. Sexy Husband got behind the tree and we began passing and placing. It was going great!


We used our last strand and there was about a foot of tree without lights! We discussed spacing them out abit and when Sexy Husband leaned to start suddenly half of the bottom row went dark.

WHAT? How does half a row go out!

We found the to be blamed broken bulb and realized we had no replacment bulbs for this particular strand because we had inherited it from his parents.

We had to unwind the tree and backtrack to start wrapping where the lights were actually lit. Upon rewrapping the tree we were now a foot and half short from the top with lights!

So needless to say last night I went to the Hobby Lobby (a fantastic store!) and got more lights and more decorations because our tree is so fat nothing fits anymore!

Stay tuned for Part 3 - Christmas Tree Conclusion


Daddy Forever said...

Lucky for us, our tree is pre-lit. On the other hand, when the lights go out down the road, it's going to be a pain to replace them.

Breazy said...

I now own a pre-lit tree and wouldn't trade it for nothing simply because of trying to put lights on a regular tree.

Have a good day!

Practically Joe said...

With no lights on top ...
Your tree sort of looks like it's wearing a coat of lights.
Also ...
Love your seasonal background.
and ...
Great effect you have going there with the reflecting windows on either side of your tree.