Thursday, November 13, 2008

That time again....

It has begun again.

That rhythm that is born at the beginning of November and crescendos slowly until it climaxes on New Year’s Eve with the ringing of bells, honking of horns, shrilling of whistles, and crying of merry-wishers. I cringed the other day when one of my friends emailed me with this line “Just thought you would like to know XYZ radio is playing Christmas music.”

WHAT? Walmart has a cousin culprit this year?!? Come on people! Stop the Insanity! Christmas music does not need to be played until after Thanksgiving. Even if you start playing it on Black Friday that gives us a whole month to listen to it. Fa la la LA!

Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas. I love Christmas so much I timed my birth so that I was born four days before it and came home on Christmas Eve to be the best present for my older brother that year. I love Christmas.


I also love Thanksgiving and I do not need to be “decking the halls with boughs of holly” for Thanksgiving. Nor do I need a winter wonderland for Thanksgiving. Here in the south when I think of Thanksgiving, I think color!

Red, orange, yellow and brown splashed in vibrant arrays across the canvas of the landscape.

Not white!

I think pumpkins, turkeys, Indians, and cowboys…oh wait…no…pilgrims!

I do not think of Frosty the Snowman!

I think kids laughing as they parade through leaves, tossing and throwing bundles of multicolored leaves to rain down about them.

I do not think of Christmas trees and Santa Claus!

I make this rant every year and this year I am making it again. Just wait until they start putting up the Christmas décor way too early and bring out those stupid ringing bells….then I will really get fired up.


lime said...

amen, sistah. preach it!

Alissa said...

There is a house in Hoover that already has their entire home covered in Christmas lights. You can see the house literally from 1/2 mile away. Pure craziness!

Angie said...

By the stupid ringing bells do you mean the Salvation Army bell ringers. Please tell me no. Those bell ringers are important and a HUGE source of income for the Salvation Army to provide for people at Christmas.

But, I'm with you on the Christmas music and decor. When did Thanksgiving get lost? I love Thanksgiving and what it means especially to Christians. Maybe we should start a grassroots take back Thanksgiving movement. :-)

Nicki said...'re one "La" short!