Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday 55 and a story....

It is in good condition.
Does it work?
I have no clue.
Strike the keys and play a tune.
The price is a bit steep.
I will sell it to you for cheap.
How am I going to move it?
Just put it in your truck.
Thanks for selling it.
No problem and good luck!

(It is decorated for Halloween)

I play the piano. I will not say I am a great player nor a horrible player but I enjoy playing. So recently I decided I wanted to buy a piano. There is a perfect wall in the house that just screamed that it needed a piano to hold it up. Also for years The Mom has displayed her nativity scene at Christmas on the top of the piano and since I now have the exact nativity scene I had to have a piano on which to place it! Of course!

I will one day inherit The Mom’s piano but The Mom and The Dad would have to perish for me to claim it so I will wait for that one.

I started browsing craigslist to see if I could find one for a much better price than an actual piano store would offer. I found a piano for $175 that was across town but looked very much like The Mom’s piano which is what I was looking for and I was excited! $175 is a great price. I contacted the owner via email and set up a time to come and look at it. I had directions in hand and fought traffic to get there on time. Upon arrival a man answered the door looking at me in fear like I was a girl scout peddling my thin mints. I said I had come to see the piano to which he responded “Oh my wife didn’t tell you there were people coming before you? We already sold it.”

Oh! Weep! I was vastly disappointed and tried not to cry on my way home. I would just have to look longer and hope another good price like that one resurfaced. A week or two passed and nothing of good offer showed so I decided to tell Sexy Husband I wanted one for my birthday/Christmas. (These two events are four days apart so easily combined) I also recruited The Father-in-law who is a genius at finding good deals.

One weekend Sexy Husband is out of town for work and The Father-in-law called me. He was at a garage sale and they had a piano for sale. They had it priced at $100 but he thought we could get them down abit. The Mom was luckily in town so I grabbed her and we headed over to the garage sale. The piano was in very good condition especially given it was quite old. I am horrible at haggling so I called The Father-in-Law and he came back because he gets a thrill from haggling and making a deal. When all was said and done we got the piano and a twin size bed (wooden) for $65!

We called The Dad, who was also in town, and we all loaded the piano into The Father-in-law’ truck and took it to my house. The neighbor across the street helped us move it inside and placed it right on the wall that needed it. I then took The Parents and The In-laws out to lunch to celebrate. All of this was done without Sexy Husband even knowing. I waited and surprised him when he got home. He laughed but looked abit sad when I told him he now had to figure out something else to get me for my birthday and Christmas!! Ha!


Mona said...

what a great story! it was good that you did not get the first piano as a greater offer was waiting for you! sometimes sad things are a blessing in disguise!

Great 55ve!

G-Man said...

Great job Melodie...
I loved the 55, and I loved the story.
You now need to make one of your famous Videos so we may hear your magic fingers...Please?
Have a Great Week-End...G

Akelamalu said...

I'm so pleased you got your piano! Great job on the 55 to tell us the story. :)

lime said...

what a terrific deal! does your FIL offer his services? so glad you were able to get a piano for such an incredibly low price.

in response to the question you left at my place regarding the appropriateness of the hotel hershey as an anniversary destination. provided you can afford it (because it ain't cheap) i would recommend it without a second thought. i have not one single criticism of the experience. they treat their guests so incredibly well and the place is beautiful. also lots you can do if you want. if not you can luxuriate in the hotel and be perfectly comfortable doing so.

Breazy said...

That is a great deal! I too play the piano a bit and I would one day like to have one so that I can sit and play. My mother has mine because I didn't want to move it again.

Hope your day is going great!