Friday, November 21, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Test

Every year The Mom's side of the family gathers together wherever my grandmother is and celebrate Thanksgiving. My grandmother is the matriarch, with three children, eight grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Only one of the grandchildren section is not married so we all do our fair share of bringing dishes to the Thanksgiving dinner.

This year I was told to bring pumpkin pie with the subtle hint "the recipe is on the can of pumpkin" which said to me "make it don't buy it"

Fine, I love to cook and bake. Except I have yet to make a pumpkin pie.

So I decided that instead of being oh so daring next week and risking a disaster that my grandchildren would hear about I am making a test pie. My test subjects are the people at the place I am temporarily working. So if it kills, makes violently ill, or just is gross to one or all of them it is ok because I am just a temp.

So Sexy Husband and I went to get the ingredients tonight at the grocery and came home ready to make a pie. Only to realize I had the wrong type pie shell. Sexy Husband was sent back to the store. I mixed the ingredients, except the spices kept making me sneeze to which I had to jump away from the prep area because sneezing on the food is a big no-no.

Sexy Husband returned with the correct pie shell and the batter was poured. The pie shell was full to the rim so I had to carefully carry it to the oven. Unfortunately the rack in our oven has a small lip and so I was trying not to spill any pie when I burnt my finger, causing me to jerk and spill pie juice.

Needless to say our house smells like burnt pumpkin now. The pie is baked though and looks like it might not be life threatening but we shall see tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

i forgot to tell you to either get a deep dish pie shell, or put a little in a custard dish and bake it, so there is not so much filling