Saturday, May 3, 2008

Adventures of an Impish Bride: Theme Weddings....kinda?

Sexy Fiance and I met through a group of friends who like to hang out and play games together. Cards, board games, dominoes - all these are enjoyed greatly by this group and it is not uncommon on a Friday or Saturday night to find us all together laughing and playing.

When Sexy Fiance and I went to NYC back in December, when inside the M&M store we both found the playing cards separately and sought each other out at the same time to show. It was a fun laugh but also the inspiration later for me to figure out what to do for our wedding.

I wanted our wedding to reflect us as a couple. My colors are red, black and red so as I pondered and searched the internet for ideas I came upon our invitations and as Smee says in Hook "Lightning struck m'brain!"

Cards....spade, diamond, heart, and club. It was perfect! With Sexy Fiance's consent on the idea, I took it and ran with it. Having a creative side, I have found much pleasure in planning, designing and making most of the things we are using at the reception.

I have shown these before but this is my center piece, it will be set on a cutout that matches the suite of the king with confetti in the heart, diamond, spade and club shapes sprinkled around it.

This is the garter I made. I was so excited to make this. I looked all the internet for an already made garter that had the card theme but all were "casino" theme and included dice with viva las vegas which I did not want at all.

This is an example of the bags I made for my attendants. I have filled them with goodies. I made a diamond, a spade, and a club. My attendants are not going to be the normal bridesmaid, maid of honor etc. They are going to be the Queen of Spades, Queen of Diamonds and Queen of Clubs with the groomsman matching.
These are little chocolates I found that will be perfect in the Wedding favor bag I am making! I found these at a store called World Market. I had gone just to look and happened upon these. I could not resist! Originally I was going to make cookies out of the card suit shapes but decided on this easier, but just as cute, route instead!

I have more but no pictures yet.....

Tune in next time for Adventures of an Impish Bride: The Music

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Breazy said...

You are now an Impish Wife! Congratulations! I hope you are having a wonderful time and I can't wait to see the pics of the wedding.

God Bless you both!