Saturday, January 19, 2008

What is that white stuff?

Ok so if you view my profile it says I live in Alabama. For those of you unfamiliar with this lovely state it is located in the south. A common condition with Alabama is that we do not get snow!

And you have to understand the reaction those very rare times when we do get snow.

Panic. Chaos. Excitement.

It starts the night before or whenever when the local weather guy is all excited and showing his better talent at a sales position because he is "selling" the idea of some big blizzard that is going to hit and everyone is likely to freeze.

And suddenly every Walmart, grocery store and convenient store in the local area is hit with people buying: Milk, bread, and snack foods.

Why milk and bread? I don't know. I have lived in the south my entire life and I still don't understand why people buy milk and bread! Maybe it is because I am allergic to milk that I don't understand this awesome power it has in times like "blizzards" and such.

The next thing to go is firewood. Despite the fact that these people live in the South and know it rarely snows they do this every time.

So everyone runs around freaking out and ranting about the apocalypse of snow. Then silence falls as everyone huddles in their house, looking out the windows in anticipation of this alien form of white they have rarely or never seen.

We did for once get a light dusting that was melted by afternoon.Well luckily for them the apocalypse did not come in a blizzard The children, including Mr. Nephew and Beautiful Boy who both have never seen snow, got to see this cold white stuff just long enough to go ohhhhh that is what snow is and then it was gone and Alabama was back to normal.

And many households now have extra bread and milk that they are wondering: How are we going to eat all this?

p.s. The Mom's place even got snow in MS which get even less snow then AL


lime said...

if it's any consolation even up north here people turn into panic stricken whackos at the threat of snow. it's annoying in the extreme. they might be 'snowed in' for what? 3 hours till the plows get around?

Breazy said...

We had light snow Wednesday night but it was gone quickly. I think I need to move somewhere where it snows all winter because I love the white stuff!

The bread and milk thing I have never understood either because even as a child when we would get good snows we didn't eat sandwiches or lots of cereal, mom always made hearty thick stews or roasts and veggies. I think Americans have been brainwashed with the milk and bread thing.

Glad y'all got a touch of the white stuff!

A said...

Breazy- I might rethink that sentiment! We've had our share this winter, in fact, it snowed all day yesterday. Not too much, but steady and slick! 6 cars in the ditch on the 30 minute interstate portion of my drive(3 last night, 3 this morning) and even a semi-truck last week! I bet they were wondering WHY WISCONSIN???

Along with snow comes cold! Twenty below last weekend! Twelve below tonight! Yikes! I say- enjoy your warmth!