Thursday, January 17, 2008

Its me again....

Hey everybody!

Beautiful boy here, sneaking in to Aunt Imp's blog to say hello to everybody. I am up and into alot of things these days. I love to use the words mine, no and I want it. I think I am invincible and I am more determined than ever that I will one day take over the world!

For now though I am practicing everything my big brother does and also driving him crazy by taking his things which he cannot seem to understand are mine!

I am also practicing my culinary skills! On New Years Eve, my grandmomma, papa, mommy, daddy, brother, Aunt Imp and that tall guy that follows her around were at my house to celebrate and while they were in the living room I decided to surprise them with my culinary talent so I added a "little something" to the hamburger meat! I just knew it was going to be delicious but when my brother made the announcement to everyone and they came rushing in to see my masterpiece they didn't seem to take it too well. I was sent to the corner! The Corner! No thank yous, no great job, appreciation whatsoever for my art. See if I use my culinary talent for those ungrateful, uncultured hicks!

Well I have to go for now because I hear the crayons and a wall calling my name. Art must live on in some for or fashion!

Ohh luckily despite her non-appreciation for my culinary art my Aunt Imp did take a picture so you all can see how they missed out greatly!

Well I am off! I am sure I will be back soon with more stories to tell!

((the white stuff is salt))

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Anonymous said...

i have to admit- i have never seen anyone "wash" a hamburger patty before, but beautiful boy is real lucky to still be alive-lol