Sunday, January 13, 2008

Adventures of an Impish Bride: Dress Shopping

Just in case some of my readers (all three of them, The Mom not included) didn't know....

I am a princess.

Yes, I know, shocking to hear but I am indeed a princess. The Dad says so all the time and I know The Dad always tells the truth.

So as a princess one of the very very very important details of the wedding is.....

The Dress!

Since I have limited time until The Day I knew I needed to find a dress soon. So I called in my bestest best friend: The Mom, to go shopping with me. The Mom was already coming over this weekend to a Bridal Show on Sunday so we decided to go dressing hunting Saturday. And yes it is hunting not shopping.

You have to be prepared for the hunt. First you have to know what type you are hunting.

This would be a no.

This would be a no.

This is just wrong!

I digress.

So The Mom and I risked our lives heading through Saturday traffic to bless a To Not Be Named Bridal Shop with our presence. Upon arrival we are greeted and given a quick run down of what is what then left to our own devices. Now The Mom got married back when the man just clubbed the woman and dragged her back to his cave so she didn't have to hunt for a wedding dress. I have never been married nor have I been with friends to hunt for a wedding dress. We both were somewhat clueless. After about fifteen minutes and four dresses later we decided this place was not where we needed to be so we left. We headed for the David's Bridal which had me abit uneasy because I had not heard many good things about the place.

Upon arrival The Mom and I gaped because there were at least 200 people in the store. Was every girl in the county getting married this year? We took a breath and plunged forward into the chaos. After signing up to be called for a dressing room, The Mom and I went to forage among the rows for anything that looked pretty.

Now here is where I have to ask: Who the heck designs wedding dresses and are they blind??

We managed to pull about 7 or 8 dresses from the jungle of plastic filled with satin, tulle and beading. I heard my named called for a dressing room whilst standing guard over the dresses we had picked. Hooray on to the dressing rooms. Our consultant we will call M, met us and got the slip, bra and shoes for me to wear while trying on dresses.

There were mothers and daughters everywhere and sadly I must say most of them were not having a good time. Some were fighting, some were crying, it was a pool of emotions and PMS. Me and The Mom had a blast though and "M" helped us fantastically. We laughed, discussed dresses on me, whispered about girls who should not be trying on that dress. Yes I will admit to that but if you had been there you would have said the same thing!

Then we found The Dress. First The Mom cried then I tried not to cry and then others around went awwwww. It was the epitome of a girly moment. Froo froo was in heaven! If you are unfamiliar with Froofroo please refer to the archives of Winter '05.

I would post pictures but Sexy Fiance sometimes read this so can't post til after the wedding.

I had an absolute blast with The Mom finding my dress and I don't think it could have gone any better! Thank The Mom!

Stayed tune for the next episode of : Adventures of an Impish Bride


Anonymous said...

i would like to correct this blog--i was not hit over the head and pulled back to the cave-- i did the hitting---get it right kid-lol

lime said...

ok, i understand not wanting the fiance to see the dress but you need to post some other sort of bride picture to make those frightening images you DID post go away. silicone boobs in pink meringue? doggy brides? make it stoooooop!

A said...

Wow! I'm glad you had a good time and found what you wanted(whether you knew you wanted it or not!). This is a huge "detail" (or so I've heard!) and I bet it's a weight off your shoulders to have it! I can't wait to see it!