Thursday, January 10, 2008

I have been tagged....

Breazy has tagged me with a meme. I have to tell 7 things about myself that I haven't mentioned in any of my previous posts.

7 things about me…

1. I used to be terrified of the dentist but now I have turned a complete 180 because I love getting my teeth cleaned and examined. I actually feel sad that my insurance only pays for two cleanings a year or I would go every month!

2. I don't think I mentioned ever on this blog that I used to wear glasses/contacts. I got them around 4th grade and had them until 6 months before I graduated college. The Parents paid for Lasik surgery for my college grad gift and it is fantastic. I highly recommend it.

3. I met my soon to be husband for the first time when a group of friends and I went night hiking. I had alot of fun flirting with him and thought he was fun by the end of the hike and I didn't even know what he looked like! It was great.

4. I took seven creative writing classes between high school and college. I love writing and hope to one day be an author. The Mom keeps encouraging me to try my hand at children's books.

5. I have a hobby of studying accents and absolutely adore listening to them. I would love to go to England someday and just spend half of the time sitting places and listening to people talk. I am fairly decent at mimicking and also have a bad habit of picking up whatever accent I am hearing.

6. I met four wonderful ladies from Scotland when I was in New York back in December. I offered to take their picture for them so all of them could be in a picture and we ended up swapping addresses. I sent them a Christmas card and they sent me a New Years card. I love snail mail! I love penpals!

7. I have an absolute heart and love for orphans. I do not know from where it came but ever since about age 13 I have had a fascination with adoption and orphanages. I wonder if perhaps adoption is in my future someday. I also wonder what will come from this love/fascination. The future will tell.

Well I thought that was going to be hard but once I got going it was pretty easy. I don't think I have enough readers to tag seven people but for fun I will tag Lime and Mark Leslie. They are always a great read!

Coming soon to an Impish Blog near you:

The Adventures of an Impish Bride to Be!


Mark Leslie said...

Interesting list, Ameratis. Thanks for sharing.

And it'll be tricky for me to continue in this spirit, since I blah blah blah endlessly so much on my blog it might be tricky to come up with 7 things I haven't already blabbed on about.....but I'll give it a shot.....thanks for the tag.


lime said...

as an adoptee i would advocate for you and your husband to consider it if you have a heart for children who really need families.

i did notice your fascination with accents way back when you did that interview video too. quite clever. ;)

Breazy said...

Thanks for playing along. That is a great list and I too love listening to different accents. My 12 year old daughter has told us for two years that she will not give birth to a child when there are so many orphans out there that need loving parents. She wants to adopt and I just hope her future husband, whoever he is, is in agreement with her.

Have a great weekend!

A said...

I've officially learned more about you tonight than I have in several months! Well, except that you hate public bathrooms! I love the wedding theme you've got going on now- gee, is this important to you or something?!?!?!

Adoption sounds cool. I'd like to adopt some day, or do foster care. Not right now, though, maybe in the distance!