Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How do you solve a problem ring.

Despite the many pictures of rings now on my blog....there is not one on my finger. Now wait, I am getting married. I am engaged but not in the conventional way that everyone is used to these days. Basically we just decided to get married. No ooeygooey night when he popped the question, just a discussion about when we wanted to get married. We both wanted it this year and I wanted it in the first part of the year so we made a budget and started planning.

I think we have kinda passed the point of him "popping" the question, which doesn't really bother me but do you tell everyone that is like "Let me see the ring!!" "How did he propose?" "Was it romantic?"


Most of me is fine with not having a ring, but there is my princess side that cringes now that people are starting to hear I am engaged and want to see the non-existent ring. Maybe because of how our culture thinks and our mindset, I feel like I am lying when I say I am engaged because I do not have a ring.

But my mom didn't get an engagement ring. His mom didn't get an engagement ring. So it is not like I am the one freak in the world who hasn't gotten the ring. And I know I am not lying because we even discussed registry and guest list over dinner last night.

So to my blogger friends....I cannot show you a picture of the ring but I can say...

I am getting married!!


lime said...

honey, i was proposed to sans ring on a bench in the farmer's market in my hometown. did i mention was the weekly habitation of a huge greasy guy who used to sit there leering at women thru his special glasses with side pieces shaped like lady's legs. oh but he was the winter he'd put teeny tiny leg warmers on them.

all that to say, i think your set up is just fine. congratulations, ameratis!!

Guess who! said...

Come on! If you had a ring and ya'll had done things the conventional way, it just wouldn't fit with who you guys are! I like it better this way - although I really would like to be able to squeal over it and be all girly and stuff...

Breazy said...

So what it is in the traditional way most everyone does it...actually if you think about it is a tradition for you and him.

Congratulations! Don't let others bother you about the ring, a ring in the end really is just a ring.

oh yeah... you have been tagged, I normally don't tag but this one was fun, you don't have to participate if you don't want to but if you do leave me a comment so I can check it out.


Mark Leslie said...

The ring is just a physical thing, often just a polite part of conversation.

I often ask to see the ring, but I'll be honest here - I'm not into jewelry and despite having said "oh what a beautiful ring" countless times, I haven't ever really meant it.

It's just a stone. Sure, it can be pretty and glisten, but it's just a stone.

What you two have is in your heart and what you've worked out is special and unique (and what a great family "tradition") - don't let social conventions take anything away from that special thing you have. Cherish it. :)

And congratulations!

SoCal Sal said...

Oh wow, congratulations, I am so happy for you dear!!!!