Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Adventures of an Impish Bride: The Details

When I first started thinking about the wedding and plans I was problem! Me and the Sexy Fiance, a church, a pastor, our loved ones and a marriage license then ta da we are done!

Well.............not so much. I met with the coordinator on Monday who I think is going to be a fantastic help! She was already very helpful in pointing out the kazillion things I need to do :)

Details. I like details and I wasn't necessarily overwhelmed, I just had the thought of hmmm that is alot of things I would have never thought about until the day before the wedding and then I would have been running around screaming!
My friend K gave me the book pictured above and I must say that I will now give this to any Bride-to-be that I know. It is a well written book by a Christian author about all the things "in between" that the etiquette books and Martha Stewart's "Wedding with Pine Cones" book doesn't tell you.
I could probably rave the whole post about this book but I will clip it to the point of saying every Bride-to-be should read this and even the oh-so-handsome husbands to be would benefit for reading parts of it. It deals with alot of the emotional issues that come with this big change of life.

Back to details, the coordinator started mentioning all the things I am going to have to "delegate" to friends and family members. So the problem is not that my friends and family won't help but that I am a control freak, in my own three year old words "Leave alone me I can do it myself"

I have always been a "if you can do it it" so I am going to have to take a deep breath and learn to let it go and delegate. If the guestbook doesn't get set at the perfect position on the table by myself that is ok! Ha ha.

One thing we did do last night was "somewhat" finalize our guest list and we cut it down to 534 people.....Just kidding!! Really it looks about 100 - 150 people will possibly come and 2/3 of that is our family. Of course with our rambunctious families it will probably seem like 500 people are there.

Then my absolutely wonderful (at least for today) fiance sat down with me and help me pick out our invitations, write the wording, pick colors, and ordered them! So our invitations are ordered and I am excited! I edited a proof of one for you all so you can kinda see what they will look like! The names have been changed to protect the innocent....and the not so innocent.

Our theme is King and Queen of hearts because we are big card players. Not poker but other card games like Nertz, Rummy, Spades, etc. I am so thrilled with these invites. I did not want fancy fussy invites. I wanted something that reflected both me and Sexy Fiance and these were perfect!

Well I have to get to work...supposed to be I will probably post more tonight because I have much more to tell!!!


lime said...

i have to say this whole concept of 'a wedding coordinator' as a paid position strikes me as overkill. that's what mothers and bridesmaids are for. the last wedding i was at i swear the wedding coordinator needed to be slapped then tied up and gagged and left in a corner somewhere. ok, end of rant.

happy planning. if it makes you and the fiance happy it's all good.

Ameratis said...

Hey Lime,

I must admit I agree with you mostly that Wedding Coordinators are really only good for girls with no organizations skills and/or fight with their mothers constantly.

My coordinator came with the church though and so I get her kinda whether I like it or not but she is also built into the price of the church so I am not paying "extra" for her. :)