Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Subjects Post

Ok so I have quite a few little things to tell you all about but I keep forgetting to sit down and post so I am going to put them all in one post:

1. Post Office Rant:

I do believe that if I applied for a job at one of my local post offices I would not be hired after the interview. Why you ask? Because I am a happy people person. I think somewhere in the qualifications of being able to work at a post office (at least the ones around me) is that you have to be able to keep a constant frown and have horrible people skills. Does anybody else ever feel this is the case?

2. The U.S. Government and documents:

Ok I am not really politically and legally savvy but still I think I could steal someone's identity faster and easier than I could get a dang passport! I mean ARGH! how bloody annoying that I have to have a certified, double whammy, kissed by the President and blessed by the Pope birth certificate to prove I was born! HELLO I AM STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU BREATHING OF COURSE I WAS BORN! I have a copy of my birth cert. and everything else to prove I am indeed who I say I am. Sheesh!

3. The Ring

On a much happier note: I got my ring!

We went together to pick out a ring that way I got exactly what I liked and exactly what I wanted (which I thought made sense since I am the one wearing it)
I am not a ring wearer so it is taking some getting used to and I do find myself constantly fixing it when it starts to turn on my.....hold on.....sorry where was I? I had to fix my ring again. So now my princess side is happy and I can show it to anyone who asks to see it now! Hooray!

4. Alabama Weather:

Ok my question right now is What is the Deal?? It was 23 degrees when I left for work this morning. Now according to Dorky Dad (see link over there --->) 23 is warm, but he lives in Minnesota where it is expected. I live in Alabama! Alabama where it is so hot in July the paint melts off of houses, where is it so humid in August you need a knife to cut through it. Alabama where we have had 80 degree Thanksgivings and Christmases. Alabama where we have two weeks of cold, maybe, and then it is hot again! Not supposed to be 23 degrees!!! I mean I like cold weather but I like Southern cold weather. None of this Yankee cold weather crap. And don't even try to tell me there is Global Warming....HA!

5. The little things:

I walked into work the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find a bridal magazine with a small card (like you would find in flower) paperclipped to the front page. It was from one of my coworkers and had a nice note about how she hoped everything came out the way I wanted it to for my wedding.
That small gesture was so warming and surprising. I had to make note of it somewhere so I never forget.

Also after I did not get to apply for my passport today I called Sexy Fiance to rant abit and tell him to plan the honeymoon in-country. When I got back to work he had already sent me an email with links on how to get a President kissed, Pope blessed copy of my birth certificate. I had not even asked or such, he just did it. Now that my romance! The little things.

Well I can't remember anything else....of course I probably will after I post....but for now this post is done I think :)


lime said...

fortunately my post office has friendly people there.

as for birth certificates and such....ack...try giving birth abroad and getting all the documentation for your wee one to come back to the USA.

Nicki said...

I highly recommend the vestavia post office for passport application!