Monday, January 28, 2008

I am ruined....

So last night after church we went over to a friend's house to hang out and play games. The card tables were already full so I was asked if I wanted to play Rock Band(when I originally posted this I thought it was Guitar Hero but now I know it was Rock Band). For those unknowing of this game it is a video game where you have a guitar, drums and microphone and you have to play or sing to whatever song is on the game. The guitar and drums have colored chords for you to play and the microphone is like scored karaoke.

I am so addicted! One night of playing this game and I am addicted! I am so glad I do not own whatever it is you have to have to be able to play this game or you all might not ever see another post. I am sure the packaging on this game should say "Warning: Highly Addictive Game. Play with Caution" So even though it is fun be careful if you ever are able to play this game and make sure you have an escape!

The next way I am ruined is
Before last week the last time I had had just a regular cup of coffee with creamer was when I was four. I have never like coffee except when it was in cappuccino form and that was when I was in the mood.
This is a big thing for me not to like coffee because The Mom runs on coffee. You do not speak to The Mom before she has had at least a cup, maybe even a cup and a half. Coffee is a big thing in my family. I am considered a poor hostess because I do not own a coffeepot.
Two weeks ago on Monday, my body was abducted by aliens (has to be the only explanation) and upon my return I decided I wanted some coffee. So I got up from my cube and walked to the nifty little coffee machine thingy. I looked at the different types and settled on Italian Roast. I put the cup in and made the coffee which is a black a night then looked around somewhat confused at what to do next in this unfamiliar area.
Ah ha!
Oh no!
There were four different kinds!
Ok....french vanilla is in a blue container. I like blue. I like french vanilla cappuccinos. So lets go with that one.
Two weeks later: I have had a cup (sometimes two) everyday at work. I am ruined!


Breazy said...

the game sounds fun, I like anything to do with Karaoke.

I have never liked coffee, I just can't get passed the taste but my family is like yours...everybody drinks it. I don't own a coffee pot either and I don't plan on buying one anytime soon.

Have a wonderful day!

Alissa said...

Welcome to the Rock Band Addicts club! It is a great place to be! You can always place Rock Band/PS2 on your wedding registry list..china or PS2 w/Rock Band. I would go with the 2nd choice! It was great seeing you last night and you are definitely a rocker at heart! :)

Anonymous said...

oh lord, you are really mine--i was wondering if maybe they switched you at birth--haha

Kid Johnny C said...

Yeah, I tried to play Guitar Hero once, nope. Not gonna do it again. The guitar player in me wanted to play the song correctly. haha