Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adventures of an Impish Bride: Outfitting the Bridal Party

So an important item in a girl's wedding is her attendants. These can be sisters, cousins, daughters, friends, your brother's cousins sisters best friend, it can be basically who you want.

You can have as many as you want. 20, 1, 15, 47 (as the people in this picture seem to have) the number is up to you and up to how many people you know (or can pay to show up).

So you have to think about who you want in your wedding and it actually does take some strategy to work this correctly. Take this list you have to consider:

  • Do I like this person?
  • Do I want to deal with this person?
  • Does the groom have siblings that should be included?
  • Will soinso get their feelings hurt because we asked their sibling and not them?
  • Do we want to deal with that little girl's mother or pick another flower girl?
  • Will she throw the petals or will she throw a tantrum?
  • Will I want to ring that ringbearer's neck?
And the list can go on but once you consider these things and have chosen "The Ones" who you will bestow the great honor of forking out 150 dollars and a weekend to be in your wedding you have to decide what they are wearing and who is standing where.

The Outfits:

The men are easy in my book because a classic tux looks great on most any man. And they will not be wearing anything like in this picture so it will be easy-breazy. Well I thought it would be....

What I wanted I had in my mind but finding it for the right price, that was a different story. I mean you are renting not buying sheesh! It is not supposed to cost more than my bridesmaid dresses. The first place we went quoted a price that I am sure I could have had it tailor made for that amount! Luckily we found what I wanted (yes it is all me) at Men's Wearhouse for an excellent price and with good service so I highly recommend them.

The main stress in outfitting for me was my bridesmaids. I am convinced that fashion designers all live as hermits, secluded away in their 18 room mansions, unaware of the real world outside their gold lamé walls. Why you ask? Because they obviously don't realize that not everyone is starving themselves like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan! Some women are blessed with curves like a woman is supposed to have and does not fit in their anorexic styles!

Now it is a hush hush rule that most brides (even including this Imp) do not want any of her attendants "outshining" her on her wedding day so it seems the fashion industry also takes this in consideration and makes some absolutely hideous bridesmaid dresses.

And though I do not wish to see any of my attendants outshining me on my one day to shine as a princess, I do not have the desire to dress them hideously, they are my friends! So the search proved to be somewhat of a pain, but fear not my faithful readers! We found the dresses!

This is the style and the color I am using and I (plus my attendants) think it is pretty plus tasteful. It is one of the few dresses we found to fit girls who aren't anorexic.

I have seen it on two of my attendants and am very glad they will look great.

Sexy Fiancé and I decided on three attendants and two little ones (flower girl and ring bearer). I will do a post later about our bridal party and introduce them all.


Dorky Dad said...

Wow. You're getting married?! Awesome! Welcome to hell ... I MEAN ... Welcome to absolute wonderfulness! Yeah, that's it!

Seriously, good luck with the planning. Usually, wedding planners see that you're getting married, and they instantly get dollar signs in their eyes.

Breazy said...

It will all be here before you know it then the next thing you know you will look back and think "where did the last ten years go, it seems like yesterday we were married".

I am so happy for you Ameratis! I love the bridesmaids dresses!

Have a great week!