Friday, July 13, 2007

Flash 55

My dear George what a lovely house you have built.
Are you sure my clothes will fit?
Of course my sweet Edith, we have rooms to spare.
Oh George it is perfect, our own cozy little spot.
Yes my Edith it is the epitome of comfort.
Yes George, my love, and it’s not too big!

Biltmore House
Asheville, North Carolina

Here are more pics from our trip!


Anonymous said...

Great 55 and pic.

G-Man said...

Hello Miss Melodie!!!
I sure have missed you sweetie..
I've been to the Biltmore, it is a very awesome place...
very nice 55, and great pics...G-Man xoxox

Pauline said...

Hi! Saw you mentioned at TC's and thought I'd drop by on my wanderings. Love this 55, it made me laugh and that's not easy right now!