Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth!

"I cherish you my dear country,
but sometimes I don't understand,
the way we play.
I love the things that you've given me,
and most of all that I am free,
to have a song that I can sing."

-Norah Jones

Happy 4th Everyone!!


lime said...

ah, is thos from her new album? it's wonderful. wel said and apt for the day.

happy 4th.

Anonymous said...

hope you had a happy 4th.

Breazy said...

Hey Imp! How are you? I am doing well just real busy all the time. Sorry I haven't been by in a long time but I don't get much time on the pc anymore. Happy 4th to you too!

G-Man said...

Hi Melodie,
Happy 6th of July!!