Friday, April 20, 2007

Flash 55

The clock ticked each second in a resounding mock.
Could she hear the sound of waves?
The stacks of paper taunted.
Was that a seagull?
Spreadsheets laughed.
Ohh the warm sun.
Walls towered and ceilings pressed on her.
A sigh escaping as the clock was checked again.
Wait, did that say five?
Time for fun!

Wanna know about 55, click here: Susie


MONA said...

Congratulation! for managing a 55. I could never do that, brevity is not my forte!
Having some fun..& there is a party at Top cat's what are you going to bring there?

Anonymous said...

I love it! you really are excited about going to the beach aren't you?lol

lime said...

woohoo!!!! i could take some beach time too!

cathy said...

Oh pull up a palm tree and pass the beers!CHEERS.

Anonymous said...

I really like these things, I did one too. who started it?

Ameratis said...

An hour and a half before I head for Destin, FL WHOO HOO!

Mona, thanks for stopping by, I have visited T.C.'s party, it is a happening place :)

T.C. yes yes yes and YES I am excited!

Lime, bring the limelettes and lets go, we can wear tie-dye coverups! Whoop!

Cathy: Thanks for coming by and lets all chill out under the palms :)

Danny: I read yours and it was good. Thanks for stopping by and I am not sure who started it though click the link on my post and Susie's post might tell ya more.

G-Man said...

Melodie, A great 55 for your first one..
I love Destin!
....Last month with an "R" in it ya know!!
Have fun sweetie! G xo

Anonymous said...

alright, back to work, lift that load, push that barge--etc, or at least until next weekend-lol

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun at the beach.
Happy Monday back atcha!

G-Man said...

Melodie? Are you sunburned?