Thursday, April 19, 2007

HNT: The Younger Years: The Beach

Once there was a princess and she was very happy. She went to the beach three to four times a year where she would sit and build castles representing her abode. She dreamed of that day when she would be queen. She made sure she learned all the lessons needed to be a queen from her mother, the reigning queen.
Then one day the princess grew up and she was not able to go to the beach because she had to do a terrible thing called a job because she had to work until she inherited her kingdom. Years would pass and she would have chances to go to the beach snatched from her leaving her bereft.

Then at a point when the princess thought she may never see the longed for beach again, along came a handsome prince and his friends offering the opportunity for the princess to escape and once again see the beautiful sands and waters of her loved beach. She grasped the opportunity without thought and began to make plans.

She could not wait to go to the beach to sink her toes in the sand, to fill the wind upon her face, tousling her hair, hearing the cry of the seagulls and the spray of the ocean as it lapped at the shore in a luring manner.
The best thing...the handsome prince would be there too.

To be continued!

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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures of you growing up, you are a doll.
The commentary you wrote for this is great.
I'm happy the princess found her prince.:)