Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A teaser

Here is a teaser.
Had a grand time!
Busy at work.
Will post more later!


Anonymous said...

quit teasing me, I want to go to the beach.lol

Breazy said...

That is where I need to be!
I have my new cable modem now so I can get on a bit more here and there until my schedule clears a bit. I have pics of my new house posted on my blog if you want to take a peek at them!

Have a good day!

lime said...

oooooh, i wanna go1 the colors in that shot are so vivid!

Ameratis said...

Hey guys!

Thanks for coming by sorry I haven't posted more pics yet. Last week of the month so work is hectic! Will post soon!

Luv you all!

G-Man said...


lime said...

ok...your 5 question interview....

1. I went into special ed and was often told 'oh what a special person you must be' to which i replied...'no, accountants are special people because i could never do that sort of work.' Please tell me what interested you in accountancy and if it is what you hoped it would be? what are the best and worst parts of it?

2. You've been involved in theater. what is your favorite role you've ever had and what would be the fantasy role for you to land?

3. What one actor do you think is so fabulous you'd pay to hear him or her give a dramatic reading of a soup can label?

4. What is your opinion on canned vegetables?

5. You have some sweet childhood pictures of yourself. will youshare a favorite childhood memeory?

thanks for playing:)

oh and again, email me mountaintlime(at)gmail(dot)com if youwant more info on tie dyeing. i can give yousome good tips.