Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Weekend Rant

Ok I rarely have time to blog on the weekends these days but I saw this article and had to rant:

Whose bed is it anyway?

Go read some of this and then come back. You don't have to read it all just the first page and half should be enough. I will wait.

You back? Good....


OK This is yet ANOTHER proof of how our society is going down the toilet. COME ON people! Yes it may be frustrating and yes you may actually have to BE A PARENT but for heavens sake put your foot down and be the adult!

Growing up I was not allowed to sleep in my parent's bed except on very rare occasions. I never started out in their bed and even if I tried in the middle of the night to get in I did not always succeed and I usually woke up back in my bed!

I have no backlash from this! I have respect for parent's and their bed!

Why in heavens name do we need SLEEP CONSULTANTS to get our children to sleep in their own beds!

You know why? Because parents of today don't know how to be ADULTS! Because of simple things like getting the child into their own bed. If a parent can't put their foot down and show the child who rules the household and get them to sleep in their own bed then what does that say about the other areas of their lives?

It says we have a generation of children that do not understand the concept of authority because they have never SEEN IT! It is usually learned at home and reinforced at school but they sure don't learn it at home anymore and you get thrown in jail if you even cross your eyes at a child in school nowadays so I shudder to think what this country is going to be like in another 20 years or so!

This kind of stuff makes me want to slap people! Ok I have to stop ranting because I am getting mad and now I won't be able to go to sleep because of all the stupid people in this world...I am not saying I am smart but I can at least get a child to go to their bed!


G-Man said...

IMP? This is your blog dammit, and ranting is 100% acceptable!!
Hey I read Variety today and they gave you 5 Stars for your opening night......

...."Miss Melodie gave a dazzling performance this evening! She showed depth, comedic talent, and and a flair of believability that transported you to her place in time! When she cried, you knew the tears were real.. This is ONE rising Star!!!"

Congratulations sweetie!

Anonymous said...

whew! that WAS quite a rant but a good one none the less.
You're right too many parents are trying to be friends with their kids instead of parenting.
Children are quite perceptive and once they spot a weakness they will zero in on it until you give in to them.

Happy Monday Imp