Monday, March 5, 2007

For My Northern Friends

This post is not meant to brag, but to share some of the good things about the south.

I took these today while running errands on my lunch break. The tulips are blooming and the sun was shining bright!
This lake is near my work and home and it is always pretty on a sunny day. The canadian geese like to sit around this lake and they look so regal.

So here is some sunshine and spring promises for my northern friends! Don't worry, pretty weather is coming soon!


Anonymous said...

May I add, it is clear, sunny and 80 here. Rode my Hog Sat & Sun and will again today. Ain’t life grand!

lime said...

and as i type the widn is howling and snow

Anonymous said...

aw thank you, I needed some sunshine and smiles today.
One of the nice things from the South is you.
Thanks for sharing these.

I almost called you pumpkin last week now I see it was a nickname for you.:)

g-man said...

IMP, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

javajazz said...

man, that was just perfect!
i dont know if it was meant
for your north of the border visitors, but i snuck a peek anyway, and i swear my entire body opened up (tell your friends!) when i saw those tulips and that beautiful pond...! i think i even got a hot flash! it was perfectly therapeutic and i thank you for your is SO cold here today, that was better than hot chocolate...!

you aren't gonna believe this, but i was shocked to hear you say Canada Geese...i mean, i know these incredible birds leave here every year and fly (where is the school that teaches this trick??) in that V-formation (no, not THAT V...)
they all fly south for the winter,
but i swear i never actually thought they stayed somewhere, i thought they just, oh, i dont know, disappeared, and new birds just showed up here in the spring...
so thats where they hang out?
by that pond? i love that!
and when i heard the cardinals singing my favourite song a few weeks ago, i knew Spring was coming to a theatre near me, real soon!
thank you again for sharing those beautiful and hopeful visions of warmth!

javajazz said...

before i made it to the tulips it just blew my mind to find those stunning groupings of M&M's down below a few posts...! i loved everything about that post, especially any references to ocd!

ps, i originally thought the blockbuster sign was a huge transport truck! (is that a sign? i mean, not is it a cosmic message sign, but is it a billboard? heck, maybe it is a truck...!)
am i experiencing delusions of extreme marketing? hey, at least i didnt mistake it for a flower!

Ameratis said...

Sal: I wish it was 80 here! Unfortunately it is still abit chilly, of course nothing compared to our northern friends.

T.C.: Glad you enjoyed it! And thank you, you are always so sweet in your compliments

Lime: I was hoping to send some sunshine your way knowing that you had wind and cold.

JavaJazz: yes the geese fly here for the winter lol. Actually quite a few of them stay here year round. I guess they consider the climate just right...I dunno, or maybe they are too lazy to fly back to Canada
That is a Blockbuster store and so that is the side of the building. No illusions or such. You are seeing correctly it is just the cut of the picture that makes it look funny :)

tkkerouac said...


Anonymous said...

I had to come feel the sunshine again.
did someone just cut the grass?

Jodes said...

very pretty - tulips are my fav.