Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Hey Everybody! Beautiful Baby here though I must say I think I will be outgrowing that nickname soon because do you see? Yes that is a fork in my hand and mouth!
See that mac and cheese, oh yeah that stuff is good! I love food! You don't want it, I will take it!
So I have been up to some stuff lately. I am learning to climb everything. I know how to throw a really good tantrum now and I have polished my puppy eyed look whenever my mommy or daddy tell me no. Is that not what toddlers are supposed to do?
My Imp aunt brought her kitty cat over the other day and I had a fun time laughing and poking at it through the carrier door. Everybody kept looking at me and saying kitty like I didn't know what it was. Sheesh.
Oh guess what? Mr. Nephew, my big brother, is starting soccer today! I wish I could play soccer! He has his first practice today and is very excited because his best friend is on his team. Though as I see it after mastering the usage of this fork I can work on my footwork.
Well I have to go, I think I smell some more mac and cheese!


Top cat said...

What a cute pic and I love the post you wrote for it.
You are a good auntie Imp.:)

G-Man said...

Imp, to this day I love Gerbers Custard Pudding!
That stuff is awesome.
The bananas are good too.
You are so sweet, I'm very jealous of your great weather.....Galen

lime said...

hey, if i were the responsible one i'd have trouble saying no to those eyes!

Jodes said...

cute!!!! today is a great day - I hope your day is as well.

Top cat said...

good morning, I stopped by for my cup of Hot Chocolate.:)

Top cat said...

have a good night Imp!:)