Friday, March 2, 2007

The Storm

So for anyone who has seen the news and such you know that we had quite abit of bad weather roll across Alabama yesterday. It was bad enough that they closed our office building and I got a day off work! Whoo hoo. Of course I spent most of the afternoon at my brother's house because he has a basement. It was quite an adventure because I had to take Mr. Kitty with me.

So Beautiful Baby got to see Mr. Kitty at his house for the first time. He was loving that! He would giggle and bend over to see inside the carrier. He would point to the carrier and say Daddy which I thought was hilarious. Of course he was really trying to say kitty like we were saying to him and he succeeded a few times but most of the time it sounded like daddy.
So the warnings went off and we had to go to the basement where Mr. Nephew played his video game while Beautiful Baby watched. I let Mr. Kitty out while we were in the basement and then we had the stand-off which I found quite humorous.

Yes The Brother owns a cocker spaniel who really wanted to play with Mr. Kitty but alas Mr. Kitty had no desire to play. So we kept them separated much to the dog's disapointment.
We stayed in the basement until 6:30ish and then the storm had passed so I loaded up Mr. Kitty rushed him home much to his pleasure and headed to dress rehearsal.

Rehearsal went much better than we could have hoped even though we still messed up on some parts. Let's just hope tonight goes great with plenty of broken legs!

My heart goes out to those of Enterprise, Alabama where 8 were lost in the Tornado ravished highschool.


Jodes said...

i was thinking about you, wondering if you were ok, glad to hear that you are. great looking cat!!! I could not get to your blog yesterday - so I am off to your HNT.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update and the pictures, I'm glad you, mr kitty and all of your family are ok.

Good luck tonight, hey if you flub your lines just make it seem like it's part of the
please don't break any bones.

Jodes said...

hey girl - I did not cry when I was at the school with him, but I did when I got in the car and called work to say I was on the way, my friend asked if i was ok and I lost it, I have to do the 1st day thing all over again in 2 years. UGH.

Anonymous said...

have a great show tonight, I'm sure you'll be great.

Ameratis said...

Thanks for the well wishes and for thinking about me you two! Have a great weekend!

G-Man said...

Imp, Am I ever glad you are safe! One of the crappy things about living in the South.YOU are one of the very good things.Have a great week-end.....G

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great opening night.