Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Solution to the Problem

So for anyone who has kept up with my blog lately you might remember my short lived adventures with plumbing. A small recap: bathroom sink broke and I, trying to fix it, made it worse.

So that was weeks ago and I have just been improvising with the shower and other sink, putting off calling maintenance because honestly I wasn't sure I wanted maintenance tromping through my sardine box.

Finally though when I went to pay my rent Monday, I decided to go in and ask about the sink. I was ready to get it fixed. I scheduled the maintenance for Tuesday and said that I wished it scheduled so I could shut Mr. Kitty up in the bedroom so 1.) he wouldn't attack the maintenance men because he is such a ferocious guard cat (sarcasm) 2.) so he wouldn't try to walk outside and down the stairs if the maintenance left the door open and didn't pay attention

So yesterday much to his dislike, I shut Mr. Kitty in the bedroom and went to work. I left a nice note explaining what had happened and hoped that they would understand.

When I came home for lunch (yes I live close enough to go home for lunch neener neener) it still was the broken faucet and my note taped to the mirror. BUT...
When I came home last night I went straight to the bathroom and found this:
Hooray! New faucet! I am so impressed that they had fixed it and had not left a mess. You hear horror stories about apt. maintenance people. So needless to say I am once again glad to be fortunate enough to live where I do, even if it is a sardine box!


Anonymous said...

awww poor mr kitty, you were smart locking him in tho.
When we had new windows put in, I locked Charlie up in the bedroom and told the guys not to change the window until I got back from the store.
Which window did they pick to work on, the bedroom. Charlie got out and I freaked but fortunately so did he and I found him hiding by the fence.

The faucet looks great, you might want to send them a quick thank you case you need repairs in the future.
They remember, believe me they remember.
Happy Hump Day and thanks for stopping by.
What's for lunch?

G-Man said...

Ladies and Gentlemen PROOF, that there is running water in Alabama!

Ameratis said...

T.C. I would have freaked out as well. One night Simon aka Mr. Kitty got out on the patio (3 stories up) and was balancing on the outside of the railing. I thought he had fallen at first and thought I was going to die of a heartattack. Then he meowed and I called him to me and thank heavens he is a cat who comes when called!
I like the faucet too, much better than the old eighties one that was there LOL

GMan: You are so correct! This is proof we have running water...that or we just have the faucet for looks LOL

Anonymous said...

It's about time you got back from lunch, we've all been sitting around wondering what to do.

I hope mr kitty had some nice warm soup heated up for you.:)

I think g-man keeps confusing Alabama with Arkansas.

Ameratis said...

I think he is confusing Alabama with Michigan... LOL just teasing

lime said...

glad to hear it. i'm still paying the price for a free wall repair.....siggh