Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Totally Terrific Tuesday: Theatre Seats

Red cushion.
Which row?
Can you see?
When starts the show?

Lights out.
Reality a doubt.

Weaving tale
Colorful characters
Complete the sell.

Final curtain
Take a bow
Story’s life
Made to wow.

Red cushion
Empty again
Reality returns
The play is end

written and copyrighted by Ameratis Inc. 2007


Top cat said...

Whoo Hoo, I'm first!
Excellent, I love it and the picture goes perfectly.:)

Ameratis said...

I actually took that picture :) It is of the theatre in which I do most of my plays.

Top cat said...

Cool, I've already picked out my seat!

The picture is missing, not even an x where it should be.

Top cat said...

ok..it came back, just takes a while to load, phew! I thought I had lost my seat.

Ameratis said...

Yay I would hate for you to miss because the seats weren't there LOL

Top cat said...

good I came back and marked it, right in the froooont row.

Top cat said...

bet you can't figure out which seat I picked out.

G-Man said...

Wait a minute, you copyright your blogging shit? Is there money in that? I can tell you weren't born in Bama. Where you originally from? Mississippi?
Anyway sweetie, I'm sure you will be glad to know that I am FULLY dressed right now. So no need to cover your eyes in disgust tonight.
Pretty darn good there Missy!.......G

Ameratis said...

No, I copyright my blogging stuff. No money in it though. How do you know I am not orginially from Bama except that I said so in one of my comments on your blog LOL ;)

Glad to hear you are fully dressed.