Thursday, February 8, 2007

HNT: Theatre

So I have mentioned my luv of theatre here and shall again.
I am running a show right now that is called Fools by Neil Simon.

I play Mishkin, the Postman.

The cast has been a blast to act with and I have made new friends along the way!

This is my favorite gal in the show.

This is my favorite guy in the show!

The show is a cute story about a village cursed with stupidity and a schoolteacher who comes to teach them not knowing about the curse. He finds out about the curse and is going to run but falls in love with the local doctor's daughter. He stays to try and break the curse and hilarity follows. It has been a fun, happy play and I can't wait for another show tonight!


Jodes said...

very cool and I am jealous of your talent. hhnt

Top cat said...

YAY! We finally got to see pictures.Whoo hoo
They are great! You make a nice postman.
You are famous...and I know you.:)

Ameratis said...

Thank Jodes and is more fun than talent LOL

T.C. I am famous but keep it on the down low so my agent doesn't hear about this blog, it would not go over well LOL

G-Man said...

Mishkin the postman..
A Jew in drag?

Oy Gavalt! A shiksa playing a mensch? You must be a Great actor!

Top cat said...

Please tell me you are working on more chapters of the Christmas present story.
I enjoyed it so much.

ps if you ever get bored I posted a story in my Nov archives titled The Diary, it's not as good as yours but I tried and yes I used contradictions too!lol

Ameratis said...

Umm G-Man it is based in a Russian village so I think they Jews are safe from me protraying one of them ;) Now they are producing the Diaries of Anne Frank at another theatre soon....hmm perhaps I should audition .

T.C. I am just now getting back into my writing. I had a writer's block break so I might finish the story...I am not sure...thanks for the compliments though and when I get a chance I will check out your story.

Sal said...

Awwww sweetie. That is so cool! Can I have your autograph now? HHNT

Ameratis said...

SAL! I was thinking you were being held captive at work. I knew you said you would be busy but gollygeez!

G-Man said...

OOOOH, Anne Franke is a tough role.
That can ruin your acting career. I knew a chick once that had the staring role in a local production, and she was so bad, that midway thru the 2nd act, whenever the germans were in a scene, someone in the audience kept shouting" She's in the attic".
Be careful Imp.....Galen

Ameratis said...

Actually I am not auditioning for that show I just thought it fit the Jewish discussion...though I must say it was not nice of you to shout where she was during the 2nd act LOL you know it was you!

Top cat said...

ameratis..well you've got to finish it, you can't leave those characters just hanging out there in the void waiting.
Take your time but you owe it to them and yourself.
I know when I was writing my story it was like a movie in my head and that's how I put it on paper, whether it was written properly or not I don't give a damn.
I wasn't trying to write a Dean Koontz novel or pretend to be.
That's how I felt when I read your story, as if it was a movie and I could see and feel the characters.
They became alive in my mind and that to me is good writing.
I know if I were to turn my story in to any High School English teacher it would come back with red lines, slashes and such but that is the technical side of it, does it entertain? Captivate the interest of the reader? make the reader feel emotions?
You did all of these things and I truly loved it.

Top cat said...

yo..I hit refresh and it's the same post..what up wit that?

Mellissa said...

Oh how wonderful!! And that.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


G-Man said...

Hey Imp,
Step outta the car please.
Actor huh?
Well break a fricken leg!