Friday, February 16, 2007

Da Count: Siblings

Many years ago a little 5yr old boy told his mommy that he was getting a sister for Christmas. His mommy said he was getting a brother. The little boy adamantly said "Jesus told me I am getting a baby sister." His mommy said " You will need to discuss that with Jesus" BUT that little boy was right because on Christmas eve of that very year his baby sister came home.
I don't talk much about The Brother I guess because he is overshadowed by Mr. Nephew and Beautiful Baby but I have to say I am very thankful for him.
Not all people get along with their siblings, especially siblings that are 5 1/2 years older than they. My brother and I always had a very close relationship.
He has always been overprotective of me even to the point of threatening peoples lives if they looked at me wrong.

Now don't get me wrong, he did his fair share of aggravating me and I returned the favor, but it was just typical sibling interaction.
Because of our age difference we didn't really "play" together alot but one of my favorite memories is one day when The Dad had bought a pile of sand for the yard and it had not be distributed yet so it became the GI Joe army base. My brother and I played for hours building caves and roads for the American Hero. There was even a helicopter pad on the very top.
When we were abit older he would take me to the movies and let me hang out with his friends some times.

When I was 13 or 14 he moved to where we both live now. It happened so quickly that I didn't have time to blink. Part of me was excited for him because he was getting out of the small town in which we grew but the other part really really missed him. He had been my cool factor for so long and now I had no connection.

For the next few...or not so few years The Brother was this distant relation that was supercool to visit because he lived in his own place and in a cool city. It became like I was almost an only child since he rarely came home to visit. The Brother was still on a pedestal though at that time. I remember a visit I had with him while I was still a teenager and he had start smoking and was not the perfect brother I remembered. I cried. I rarely cry in front of people. His pedestal cracked some and I didn't know what to do.
Then came The Sister in Law or aka The Sister. She brought him back around to who he used to be plus I grew up in my realizations as well. I still say she is one of the best things that ever happened to him. The second best things was fatherhood!
The pedestal is bright and shiny again because The Brother is a fabulous father! There is no doubt ever that he loves his boys. He is a very hands on father and makes sure they get to spend time with him and that they are learning the lessons they need to know to not be brats. (Which is very important to this Imp)
Those boys love their father and it is definitely the type of relationship I wish for my future children with their father.
Since I have now moved to the city where my brother lives we have once again gotten closer and I have gained a sister and two beautiful nephews in the process. I would never want any other sibling than the one I have!


Sal said...

Awwwwwww, that was a way cool post. I am happy for you to have that closeness and bond!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

MyUtopia said...

What a great post, thanks for sharing. Sibling hood can be a rollercoaster.

Ameratis said...

Sal: Thanks, I have always seen it as a blessing to have a close relationship when so many of my friends did not with their siblings

MyUtopia: thanks for coming by and yes it can be a rollercoaster but I love rollercoasters whoohoo!

Jodes said...

that 1st pic is almost identical of me and my big bro. glad you came by and shared our similarities. I love connecting with other people. You too huh? the are the only other person I know.

Ameratis said...

Jodes: Cool! Thanks for coming by and now you indirectly know two people because my dad is allergic as well.

G-Man said...

Imp,I think that you are a wonderful person to have in their life. I'd be damn proud to call you Aunt, Mom, Sis, Daughter, loving Wife, or Friend!
You have a fabulous writing style, and are quite talented. Bloggerville has gained a very unique and welcome personality...G

lime said...

that's a wonderful post. and the beginning mad eme laugh soo hard because my older girl pretty much did the same thing regarding her brother. she wanted a brother, put in her order with the big guy and lo and behold we had her brother.

thanks for sharing your special brother with us

Top cat said...

It is Sunday morning when I'm reading this and it's a great way to start the day.
Often when siblings turn into adults they tend to drift apart but you have been blessed to regain your special relationship with your brother,cherish each moment as I'm sure you do.
I lost my sister to illness in 84 and I miss her and wish she could see the person I've become.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend and thank you for coming into my blog world.:)

Top cat said...

good morning, did you find ANY time to rest?