Thursday, February 15, 2007

HNT: Working Hard...or Hardly Working?

So here I am working hard at my desk.

Gotta keep a secret.

This is on what I am working so hard! It is hard to keep up with you guys :)

Disclaimer: Actual work is being done. Though blogs are visited the implication that no work is being done is merely in jest form. No baby seals were clubbed in the making of this post. Purchase is optional and non-refundable.


Top cat said...

LMAO..good one oh great Impish one.:)
If you look carefully at pic #2 your boss is standing behind you with hand on hips.heh heh
Since no baby seals were abused I tried to use my credit card for purchase but no operators were standing by.

Ameratis said...

Those dang cannot find decent help anywhere these days! I always find them updating their blogs and commentings on other peoples! Good grief! ;)

Top cat said...


G-Man said...


Imagine that...Nice HNT.

Sal said...

Nice pic sweetie. Now I am going to be working hard at not staring at you!


Top cat said...

Have a good night ameratis.

Ameratis said...

Night everyone! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Top cat said...

ok..time to quit memorizing your lines and pull out some spreadsheets.:)

Mark Leslie said...

LOL - great series! And how true. (good thing you added the disclaimer too, in case, you know, boss-types see that post)