Monday, February 19, 2007

I lied


I know...I know. It is hard to believe I am a liar but alas here I am. I said I was going to start using Mondays to write on my story but....well I lied...not intentionally mind you but there will be no story segment today. My mind is busy with work and my new play so I don't have any energy left for the story.

My other show ended yesterday and that always leaves me feeling a wee bit sad. Luckily I am so swamped trying to learn the kajillion lines of this other play that I don't really have time to be sad.

Well work is calling and not too nicely so I will maybe post something more later! For now though enjoy my pretty flower collage:


Anonymous said...

You sound really busy starting a new play and a kajillion lines are a lot to learn and it's best to concentrate on that and the story can always wait.
Your flower collage is awesome and it makes me think of spring.
I hope you are getting enough rest with all the stuff you've got going on.

The kitties said they'd love working with you even if it's not Shakespeare.

Anonymous said...

Oh now, now missy! Don’t be to harsh. When work or real life interrupts blogland, you’re allowed to use “overambitious”. OK?

Let “others” do some writing on Monday!

Hang tough!

Ameratis said...

T.C. : Yes a kajillion lines are alot! LOL Glad you liked the flowers. I thought they were a nice springy look that was cheerful.

Sal: Overambitious, good word! I think I will steal it LOL I will let you do the writing today :)

Anonymous said...

it's always cheerful over here, even without flowers.
I want Spring, I need Spring, I've had enough cold and snow.

Anonymous said...

alright people, it's almost quittin time, let's get these desks cleaned off.

Ameratis said...

*sweeps it all off into a drawer* Ok ready to go! Whoo hoo!

G-Man said...

Nuh were at the Joe Cain party..
And I bet you got some beads.....G