Saturday, January 6, 2007

My short lived adventures in plumbing.

I have lived in my over-priced sardine can for more than a year and have not had any major maintenance problems....thank heavens. Our story begins though at the beginning of this week when I tried to turn the hot water on the bathroom sink and it would not do anything but turn continuously. I did not have time to fix it then or even contemplate fixing the problem so I went on and used cold water all week.

So tonight upon arriving home from having coffee with a friend (no date with sexy boyfriend so second best thing: coffee with best "girl" friend to talk about sexy boyfriends lol) So back to story: I arrived home and decided to give the faucet a look. Out came the handy dandy tool kit and off came the top of the hot water handle easily, the screw following behind with ease. Ahh the problem is found, the plastic had broken causing the handle to no longer grip and turn the water thingy....yes I said thingy.

No problem! A little super glue and this baby would be fixed....well hmm that idea would have worked had I not super glued my fingers together.
Yes...I super glued my fingers together...but that in itself was not the problem... I calmly retrieved the super glue package to read instructions on how to unglue my fingers. Use problem.

Hmm cold water is not working, lets try hot. How convenient the wrench I borrowed (a year ago) from my brother turns the hot water on and then OH CRAP!

Water starts pouring...not from the faucet spout but from around where the water handle is supposed to be! AHHHHH it looks like a broken fire hydrant...water spraying everywhere and me with glued fingers trying to get the wrench back on the thingy to turn off the water.

Whew water is turned off and only a small pond on the sink counter and floor. First things first I retrieved the fingernail polish remover and unglued my fingers....should have used that in the first place. Hmm back to the water problem...lets clean it up and leave the sink alone until maintenance can be called.

Ok going up the small pond and then...OH CRAP...just knocked the little top part that says "H" for hot, down the drain...needle nose plyers won't reach...OH doodoo! it has disappeared into the murky water down the drain....oh maintenance is going to love me :(

Hmm lets just leave it alone before more mess is now here I am with two gluey fingers, a broken sink, and the desire to never do plumbing again....Well at least I cleaned up the water and made it neat for whenever I do get maintenance here to fix it!


Breazy said...

Oh my goodness ! I hate plumbing ! If we have a problem I always call a friend of ours that is a plumber , I never attempt to fix it because I have found that I make matters worse ! You have a good day and I hope mainenance gets there soon !

Sal said...

LOL, great story. Wish you lived closer.

lime said...

such fun...more fun that a gal deserves...