Friday, January 5, 2007

Its Friday

So this week has been hectic because it is the "End of the Year" close for us accountants and since we were off Monday than of course you already feel behind schedule.
It was mandatory that no one could leave for lunch this entire week and the office provided meals so that work could be done. It does make one abit twitchy though to be stuck in the cubehell world for 8 hours or more without a reprieve.

The light that led me through the tunnel of hell week was knowing I had a date tonight with my oh so sexy boyfriend....what? I haven't told you all about him. Yep the Imp has a boyfriend! Whoo hoo!

So our date tonight was my light at the end of this hellweek tunnel BUT....he is sick!

Double OHNO!

Totally sucks!

Poor him and poor me LOL

So no date tonight :( I hope he is feeling better tomorrow for his own sake.

I do have laundry to do.....oh boy that excites me...not.

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Anonymous said...

if you run out of clothes to wash, you could always do the bathroom---lol