Thursday, January 4, 2007


So I have decided to start joining in on H.N.T. or otherwise known as Half Nekid Thursday. I have been watching some blogs who participate over the last few months and have been evaluating the pictures and participation.

The title automatically puts some on the guard but the creative curve that is used with this inspired me to join because though I will never get literally "half nekid" in the truest since I will try to be as creative as possible.
Some of my favorite HNTer's are Mark and Lime, because they keep them very clean and creative.

That is not to diss anyone else in their HNT but I due to my personal values I prefer such things.
So here we go: For my first HNT, I am going to go to rehash the picture of me and my cat Mr. Kitty. I am wearing a tank so not literally nekid LOL
I will do something new next week when it is not so busy at work and I have more time to think of something to post.


Sal said...

GAWD you are beautiful! Anything from you will be thoroughly enjoyed!

HHNT! Welcome to the fun

Breazy said...

I agree with Sal , you are beautiful ! I also love the kitty in the pic but I am a cat kinda girl ! HAPPY HNT and welcome to insanity , I am going to start posting weekly too !

lime said...

that's a lovely first entry! and thank you for such kind words regarding my own participation. welcome to the madness!

Happy 2st HNT!

Anonymous said...

I agree with preferring things to be kept clean!

Ameratis said...

Sal: Thank you, that is very sweet of you to say :)

Breazy: Thank you as well! I love my cat. I am definitely a cat person! He is spoiled rotten.

Lime: Thanks for coming by and looking. I think it will be fun. I always enjoy yours.

MyUtopia: Thanks for stopping and I hope I can keep it very creative so that it won't be boring within it's clean boundaries :)

Mark Leslie said...

Welcome to HNT. Imp - yes, HNT can be fun and creative without being naked or include "adult content" at all! :)

Great pic of you and the kitty cat.

BTW, I love the new background you've changed to.

Happy New Year and Happy HNT!

Kristi said...

I've been toying with thinking about HNT too.
However...I post pics of myself ALL the time so I don't know what would be different about that.

I love your Pussy Pic! Very nice.
eventually My plan is to get a Siamese for The Queen as I find their disposition so wonderful and she needs that special link.

Blog On! you appear so sweet!