Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Year's Eve

So here I am in year 2007. Do I have resolutions? Nah, I don't make New Year resolutions. I did have a blast on New Year's Eve though!
The evening started out with me running late to do my friends hair for her then get ready myself. We rushed to get ready, doing all that girly stuff to get all froofrooed up to go out with our guys. I wasn't feeling that well at the beginning of the evening so I kinda snapped a few times but luckily they all knew I didn't feel good so they were very forgiving.

We made it on time (barely) for the symphony which was absolutely fabulous. They played pieces from the Strauss family, including the Egyptian March and the Blue Danube which I enjoy immensely. There was not as big of a group this year that went to the symphony but we still took pictures. Only the all girl picture came out well on my camera so I will have to share that one with you all and get a group picture from someone else later.
The theatre is so pretty that it was fun taking pictures there especially when we are all dressed to match the glitter. After many pictures we had to get to dinner. I was the coordinator for the activities on New Year so once again I kinda snapped at some people when things became hectic and again I was forgiven.

We had dinner at the Flat Rock Grille which was a perfectly match atmosphere for the night. It was still prettily decorated for Christmas, they had a jazz band playing and they had an early balloon drop which was amusing to see the poor servers try to dodge balloons on the floor as they rushed back and forth to the tables. I finally took some medicine that helped me feel better and was able to enjoy dinner with laughs and good food. I had shrimp and broccoli atop fettucine with alfredo sauce. It was yummy!

Dinner was much faster this year because instead of not getting our food until 10:30 we were getting our checks by 10:30 and able to leave. We had an after-party to which we were all heading and had plenty of time to change before getting there. So we stopped at our respective places of dwelling and changed into comfortable clothes knowing the party would be lasting a while.

We were late! We would have made it but there was pea soup thick fog! Could barely see the white line on the road so we were crawling out to the house where the party was being held. We missed the count down but I did not miss one certian New Year tradition ;)

The party was great. We played cards, joshed around, and had an adventure with a tow truck and mud...luckily it was not my vehicle! We ended up staying there until 4am. Yep we pulled basically an all nighter because I think we barely beat the sun getting up when we were getting home. LOL

So needless to say, despite my crankiness in some areas, I had a grand time and the best part was I got to spend the whole time with this cutie!


Sal said...

I’m glad you got over the sick to have a nice time. That pic of you two is awesome.

Ameratis said...

Thank you. I do believe it is my favorite picture of us so far!

Breazy said...

Love the pics . Sounds like a good time !