Friday, January 19, 2007

Da Count

Da Count: A weekly appreciation and celebration of what we have... and sharing that awareness. Perhaps just as a reminder to ourselves of how rich our lives really are... probably not in a Bill Gates kinda way but we all have things of value that no currency marker can be placed on.

So I found this through Lime and Mark, who both apparrently discovered it in so form or fashion from Lecram.

I think this is a good idea so I shall start participating every week on Friday since that seems to be a common day for such. I have always enjoyed Lime's Da count because she can be very thoughtful and insightful in her writings. Today Mark had an equally thoughtful post.

I went back to my archives and realized I used to write alot more when I first started this blog and I want to get back to that. I mean I have always kept my readers up to date with my life but there was alot more writing on here and that is why I started the blog.

Da count seems a good way to get back into writing we shall see what happens. I am not sure I will write one this week...we will see how the day progresses and if I can write something in between work...for now just read this and my camping post beneath LOL


Sal said...

Should be interesting to see how it is done.

Breazy said...

I can't wait to read the first one ! Have a good weekend !

lime said...

again, thanks for kind words. lecram is the author of the concept and the button in my sidebar links to his explanation of the origin if you are interested. :) looking forward to reading yours.