Friday, January 19, 2007


So we are going camping. It has been interesting already and we haven't even gone. Ok so here is the story:

Me, Sexy Boyfriend, and two of our friends whom we will call Mr. Photo and Ms. Engineer are going couple camping this weekend. We have tried a few times but something has always happened to where we had to cancel the trips.

So this weekend is the weekend.

Let me give a small bit of background so the story is fully understood. Mr. Photo is not full outdoors guy but he can hold his own. Sexy Boyfriend is an Eagle Scout and probably the most rustic of us all. This Imp can be very tomboyish but I have definitely developed a more predominant girly side since highschool. Ms. Engineer is even more tomboyish than I am when it comes to fashion and everything so I had figured I would be the high maintenance one of this trip.

Last night we met for dinner after which we were going to go shopping for the weekend's food. It became quickly apparrent through the conversation that my idea of camping and Ms. Engineer's idea of camping were two totally different ideas.

The craziest thing: I was the more rustic idea! Me...the person with the personality Froofroo (though she isn't let out much), the owner of pinks, the owner of more than two dresses (ok only three but that is not the point) ..I was the more rustic in thought!

Here are the two ideas:

My idea of camping:
Ms. Engineer's idea of camping:
Ok ok so I am being a wee bit dramatic, but that is the fun part. In truth my idea is more what you can carry, out in the middle of no where, campfire, sleeping bags, a tent, trees and toilet paper is bathroom, just you and nature no modern life in sight except your camera and cellphone for emergencies LOL
Her idea is campgrounds, car not far from tent, cots inside tent, campstove, community bathrooms, etc.

So you can see where we clashed in our ideas and how I was amazed that I had the less froofroo way of camping in thought and had already planned how to pack my backpack so everything I would need would fit, yet still not break my back LOL.

So to cut long story to medium length, we are going this weekend the way she likes and then some other weekend Sexy Boyfriend and I will go more rustic (or in my humble but correct opinion: really camping)

I should have pictures so I will share them on Monday and tell all about our adventures.

Have a great weekend!


Breazy said...

have fun camping . My idea of camping is rustic as well but we do own an RV that sits year round in a campground on the lake !

David said...

Oh, now... that's just wrong! No, not about Mary (except you were very exageratory ((is that a word?)) ). About me being somewhat outdoorsy. I'm all outdoorsy! I wasn't in Boy Scouts, but I was the only kid in my R.A.'s program to go all the way through 1st-12th grade and go on every camp out between. Oh yeah, I went backpacking with someone who hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, for several days. And, who showed up to go camping with a real backpack (I mean the type you take out for several days in the woods)? Where was the Eagle Scout's? Maybe his tent was bigger, but since when does size matter? LOL! Mine would be lighters to carry in a backpack. LOL! This is too fun. I've been hiking, backpacking, camping all different ways, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and not to mention all the sports; and I'm not as outdoorsy. Oh, and I took you to the BBG! LOL! I love ya' Imp, but I am all outdoorsy. Have a great HNT!

Mr. "Outdoorsy" Photo