Monday, January 22, 2007


Ok there are quite a few pictures I wanted to share of our camping this weekend so I am going to write a sentence or two under each one. Not all sentences will pertain exactly to the picture but it is the best way to keep the post from being five pages long lol. Here we go!

We had a blast!

We thought this was either Brady or Partridge style LOL We couldn't resist though.

We went to a place where you could freestyle rockclimb.

We got to have a fire! I love fires! My camera took a picture of the embers just like above. I did not edit the picture in anyway, I thought it was cool.

They had quite a few rocks that looked like animals and such. This one looked like an elephant head, they were really nifty!

Mr. Photo was proving he could be Spiderman.

Saddle up! This rock was shaped just like a western saddle.

Boy meets girl.

"Le Sexy Boyfriend"
Is he not gorgeous? Those eyes!

I think he was my favorite part of the trip ;)

The trip turned out to be grand time. We got there pretty late on Friday night and setup camp, started a fire, sat around drinking hot chocolate and talked until it was even later. I didn't do too bad sleeping in such cold but my feet froze, the rest of me stayed warm...poor feet. We spent all day Saturday hiking and rock climbing as you can see from the pictures then decided to head home late Saturday because it was supposed to rain (and it did) on Sunday. We will definitely be going again!


Breazy said...

I will be back !

Sal said...

As the Governor would say “I’ll be back!” LOL

Sal said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing. I am glad you had a good time

Breazy said...

Looks like y'all had a great time !

lime said...

looks like tons of fun. thanks for sharing the pics. quite lovely

David said...

So now I'm Mr. Photo! Hmm, thanks! LOL! "She" calls me "Spidy." lol, not really.