Tuesday, January 23, 2007



I have written about this before but I cannot help but have some sympathy for Tuesday. What recognition does Tuesday get?

Only two times do we recognize Tuesday that I can think of and that is when it is Fat and Black.

Other than that though what does it get? Look at the week like this:

Sunday: the day of rest, for some the day of religion, for some just part of the well wanted weekend

Monday: the dreaded black day of returning to work, the poopoo day of the week, sure it is a negative reputation but it is still a well known reputation

Tuesday: we will come back to Tuesday

Wednesday: Hump day! Half way through the work week!

Thursday: The weekend is in sight! The day before Friday. Push to get things done because tomorrow is the brink beginning of fun.

Friday: Whoohoo! Eight hours and the weekend is here baby! Friday night fun!

Saturday: Ahh the weekend! Fun activities (unless you are cleaning), sleeping in and just enjoying not having to be at work for the day.

So back to Tuesday....what is it?

It is nothing.

It is the day after the dreaded Monday, it is just the second day of the work week. It preceeds hump day yes but by Wednesday it is totally forgotten. Of course, now that I read Lime's blog I think of Tuesday as Trini Tuesday but that is just me...what about for everyone else?


lime said...

lol, it is sort of a nuthin kind of day.

Sal said...

For me I’m just glad it isn’t Monday anymore.

Breazy said...

Tuesday is my busiest day of the week so I am always happy to get on with Wednesday . Friday is my favorite day of the week , well Friday and Saturday but I like Fridays just a bit better !