Friday, November 10, 2006

Yep this is late....

So this last weekend I went to South Carolina for a Soiree. My sister-in-law's family was throwing a 30th Birthday Soiree for her younger sister and it was tons of fun!

First though I took a detour through Georgia to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which was absolutely fabulous! It was just like the movie except with periodic bursting of dance and song. It was awesome, awesome, awesome!

Then on the South Carolina where I got to dress up and hang out with the most handsome five year old in the world! We ate dinner, had cake, danced the gator, and then he slow danced with me while singing "What a Wonderful World" to which he knew all the lyrics! All men out there need to learn from him LOL.

The next morning I packed up, kissed Mr. Nephew and Beautiful Baby goodbye (they were coming home later) and headed back to Alabama with a detour through Georgia to see my best friend, Mrs. H. We ate lunch with her husband then left him to relax at the house while we headed to the beautiful Helen, Georgia for the last day of Oktoberfest. It is a small german looking tourist place and loads of fun to walk around and see the sights.
It is set in a gorgeous area and when the leaves changing colors it was an grand sight! I took a few pictures of certian areas of the town and Mrs. H and I took a picture together with many laughs as I would set the time then run to sit next to her. I am such a goofball and perfectionist when it comes to photos. We finally got one I agreed to keep and then went on to eat funnelcake and enjoy the perfect weather!

Sunday night I got home and I was exhausted but in a grand mood as my weekend had been action packed and loads of fun! I am late in writing this I know but I will have more to say soon because I have another loaded weekend of fun coming up in just a few hours! Happy Friday everybody!


Sal said...

Someone looks very nice in their LBD!

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the most handsome five year old in the world is your boyfriend.