Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another fun filled weekend!

So I started my fun filled weekend with a six hour Bible study. Now to most that would not seem fun but to me it was fabulous. We did an overview of the Old Testament and the pastor who was teaching had such a passion for the Scripture that it made learning a fantastic thing. There was only one time I became sleepy but I recovered quickly and lasted the six hours! I did not get into bed until 1:30 am only to get up at 5 am because I was going to my first live football game!
Auburn vs UGA
I was excited and hyper which made everyone look at me funny since it was 6am, wet and gray lol. We had a fabtabulous time! We all piled in cars together...
though none as cool as this one --->
and headed for Auburn. This was my first time to see the campus and so we got there early enough that we were able to walk around and see some of the sights before we had to go to the game. I have quite a few friends who are Auburn graduates and so they knew the campus like the back of their hands. We had to take a picture in front of this teepee, though why there was a teepee we have no idea. It was nifty though!
I found this cute guy to have a picture taken with in the stadium, though it was cold so we look more like we are grimacing than smiling.... LOL just kidding! It was cold but we were smiling and he is not a stranger ;)
Auburn lost sadly enough but that is ok to a small degree because I still had a fabtabulous time and will definitley go back again! My first tailgating experience was a great one and oh so much fun! I think they are well on their way to making me a football fan....though I am not sure I will ever be a crazed football fan. I do know what downs are now though!


Sal said...

Cool pics. Looks like a fun time. BTW, you have a great smile.

Breazy said...

We are doing a forty week Bible study on the book of Revelation . It is absolutely wonderful ! It sounds like you all had a great time !

David said...

It was awesome! Thanks for driving. I have to say though, I had the best seat in the house; Eric the second best. Lol!