Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ironbowl 2006

Two football games in two weeks! Peer pressure has won and I have given in to the darkside of football enjoyment. Well not completely because I really didn't watch much of the game but I wore the team colors and made sure to cheer for the correct team :)

We had loads of fun and some of the cutest fans! Little Ms. Auburn was ready for the game (baby in the middle) but she crashed for a nap in the middle of the first quarter as all the excitement and attention was just too much.

I laughed when in true southern style we had RC Cola and Moonpies! That is a classic duo and though they weren't touched it was still a great sight on the table :)

That same cute guy that I found at the other Auburn game was around for this party and so we took another picture together. I think it might become a tradition or something since it keeps happening. He even jumped in with a bunch of us gals to take a snapshot of the fun.

Ever being the Imp I am, I took a picture with the Bama fan to prove that we can be congenial even though we are of opposing sides. Actually it was funny becuase neither she nor I knew each other liked what team, but we are friends so when I walked in she said "Oh no, what is that?" to my shirt and almost the same time I said "Oh no what are you wearing?" LOL
It was funny but since neither are diehard fans we were able to see past the colors worn and have a laugh.

My bushy, oranged haired friend was the oh so great cook who specially made a hot hamburger for me since there were none left when I got there. He is a sweetie and alil coukie as well ;)

All in all it was a fabulous time and Auburn won! Whoo hoo WAR EAGLE!

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