Thursday, August 17, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance?

As I have mentioned before this Imp is not a big television watcher. I do not have cable and I really only ever watch movies (hence the Netfliks) BUT I love to dance and always enjoy watching dancing so when I was working out one day I watched "So You Think You Can Dance?" on Fox (the cardio machines all have their own tv)
I was hooked from the get go! I have never been so enthralled in a television show (especially one close to a 'reality' show) as I have this show. I have had shows I enjoyed watching but not as much as this one.
I want to pursue my love for dancing more and watching this show just get my blood fired. Ohh I get goosebumps just watching. The last three weeks have been down to the final few and I had picked a favorite and then a second favorite which were the cousins: Benji and Heidi. Benji was my top pick and he was who I was cheering for to win overall. Heidi came in second very close in my ranking system. They both are pneomenal dancers and since they have danced together before when they did dance on the show it was always sensational!
Now I will note here that I never voted because I couldn't go quite that far to the dark side of television but lemme say I was glued to the t.v. every night this show was aired.
Last night was the two-hour finale and I stayed home because I knew I would be too loud to be at the gym plus I knew I probably would fall off the treadmill in my excitement or such if I was at the gym. So me and Mr. Kitty tuned in (with our rabbit ears, thank heavens one of the local channels is a Fox affiliate) and I was on pins and needles. It was like I was waiting to see if the lucky number would be drawn and I would win the lotto! I cannot believe I was so enthralled with this show but there I was, eyes glued, feet tapping in anticipation.
They had many dances, of course, highlighting some of the dances that had been danced throughout the show which was great because most were my favorites as well. The suspense! It was killing me! I quickly make a sandwhich for dinner, wasn't even hungry enough to eat more than that. During commercials I got ready for the gym because I would have an hour to get over there (luckily is across the street) and work out before they closed, but not until I knew who won! So this is how the last hour proceeded:

So Heidi danced first...wasn't her...nailbiting! Donyelle danced second ...wasn't her. Ugh down to Benji and Travis. Come on Benji!
Wait I cannot complain because I did not vote...ugh! Benji dances! Oh no...does this mean Travis has won? WAIT TIL AFTER THESE MESSAGES!!! ARGH!! They are going to kill me!! Benji is still in the running. Travis danced...WAIT TIL AFTER THIS PERFORMANCE AHHHHHH! Fergie who? I don't want to see someone sing, I WANT TO SEE BENJI WIN!
Pacing, pacing, your sandwhich you need the protein....pacing, pacing, ah ha! Ok
stupid song is over, back to the real stuff. Travis and Benji dance together...was good as last time. Pacing...pacing...pacing...The envelope....OH THE SUSPENSE! OPEN THE ENVELOPE WOMAN!

And the winner is...BENJI! YAY!! WHOO HOO!!

Now I must say at this point if I have never bothered my neighbors before I did then. I was jumping up and down and hooraying like a wild woman. I was possessed and on a euphoric high. I have no idea who this Benji guy is besides what I have seen on this show but here I was immensely happy that he had won. I am insane! This is why I don't watch television. I turned off the T.V. and raced to the gym to work out. I had plenty of energy to workout and was grinning like I had just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I am grinning now whilst typing this...why? Strange, strange, strange.....but then all I can say is.....


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