Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Next year: CEO

Today Mr. Nephew starts "big school" I can't believe that in 3 weeks he will be 5! I know I dote on Beautiful Baby alot but that is because he is a baby :) Mr. Nephew is as much of a player in this Imp's life as Beautiful Baby and I cannot believe he has been around for 5 years!
He calls this picture his "Boss" picture and I love it! They smoothed his hair down so you can't see his curls but he is still handsome as ever. I picked him up from his daycare Monday and it was his last day. We went home and he proceeded to spend the next hour playing Buzz Lightyear computer game and telling me every moment exactly what he was doing and how he had to do it. I admit that I slipped into the "uh huh" zone after about five minutes. We made mac and cheese and talked about his new school. I think he is excited and I hope he meets some nice friends there.
He is definitely like his aunt at being able to make friends, easy breazy! He will be going to Catholic school which, of course, conjures stereotypical stories about Catholic schools, but actually this is a great school with awesome academics and the teachers are not necessarily nuns with rulers. Sooooooo here is a good luck to Mr. Nephew!

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