Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am still here.

It has been abit since I wrote and I have an eclectic collections of topics to discuss today. First August:

I am so glad this month is almost over though I hate to wish a month of my life away. August is the worst month of the year for me due to hay fever. I don't do well with medication for example ending up sleeping 14 hours on Saturday due to medication...ugh. I am feeling much better this week but am definitely glad we have gotten some of my next topic....


Hooray! We have finally gotten some very much needed rain. We have been in phase 2 drought since the beginning of the summer and the poor grass and plants have just been very sad.

It has rained for the last two days for a few good hours and I think the whole earth in this area has perked. I also met new neighbors in the rain last night :)
I was coming home from the grocery and noticed them taking their stuff in (in the rain) to an apt I was pretty sure had been empty. So being the introverted (Ha ha!) Imp I am, I introduced myself immediately. They seem like a nice couple and hopefully they will enjoy our quiet building. I told them I liked it there and that it was very quiet but they are living above a family with kids so hopefully my words will remain true.

Tom and Jerry:
I read an article where they are taking the smoking scenes and such out of Hanah-Barbera cartoons in the UK so that it does not promote smoking to children. I can understand why they would want to do this but at the same time I am concerned, as the article points out, that classic cartoons might be changed so much that they are no longer recognizable. I am with not promoting smoking to children but what about all the cartoons that make parents and authority figures out to be eithe stupid or the bad guy? I think that does just as much if not more damage.

Dixie Chicks:
I am going to make this section short so that I don't say anything I shouldn't but....UGH! Those women make me want to scream. Now don't get me wrong I actually like some of their songs back in the day which is saying alot since I am not a fan of country music despite my southern location. They are releasing they "documentary" or whatever about politics and the stuff that happened after the one opened her big *Censor* mouth and de-edified our president in another country. They are trying to make a "freedom of speech" and "standing up for what you believe in" issue out of this but EXCUSE ME if you are in England...they don't have the constitution so freedom of speech is out, Darling! But on an even lesser note is just the fact that no matter if you like the guy or not you do not de-edify the President in ANOTHER COUNTRY in a very PUBLIC SETTING!
And how is saying "You are ashamed the President is from Texas" standing up for what you believe? What exactly is it you believe? That statement says nothing of what you believe.
I have to stop here before I come from my current relaxed state and get as we call it in the south "hopping mad" at the stupidity and lack of ethical manners that reigns in our country.

On to other subjects....
I luv strawberries! I consume quite alot of them as well since they are so deliscious :) I had a fresh strawberry smoothie this morning for breakfast...made it myself. I also have deicded I like strawberry photography...ha ha!
Are these not gorgeous! I was cleaning them, cutting off the greentops and placing them in this bowl yesterday when I noted how photogenic they were ha ha! So I had to take some pictures which I thought turned out...berry nice! Yes I said it..ha ha!

Flag football:
So I played flagfootball this Sunday and it was alot of fun! I hurt my foot which was the downside because it is Wednesday and I am still limping but my team won so it is worth it! Ha ha! We are supposed to play again on this Sunday so I am lecturing the foot to hurry up and heal! The only bad part of flagfootball is no tackling ha ha!


Last but not least, I watched a very good movie last night. Amelie. If you can get over having to read subtitles (unless you are fluent in French) this is a movie definitely worth seeing. It is quirky, it is funny, and it is a love story which is not the typical love story. It has the lovely Audrey Tautou (who in the movie looks alot like Audrey Hepburn) and the very good looking Mathieu Kassovitz. When the movie was over, I was left with a "Wow that was a good movie" feeling. It was a easy relaxed watch with laughing and grinning throughout. So if you are in the mood for light hearted romance with a taste of quirkiness...see Amelie!

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Breazy said...

Hello Imp! I like the new look you have going here . I have a lot I could say about the Dixie Chics as well but I like you will keep my mouth shut on that one because it would take me all day ! LOL! Have a good day !