Thursday, August 24, 2006

I recently joined My Space to reconnect with friends from back in Highschool and such. (They thought they could stay hidden ::evil laugh::) I think it is pretty nifty but I am realizing it is for people who can't, don't, or won't write. That is why I luv blogger and it is still my absolute favorite. You can read everything from the mundane made funny to tragedy made into poetry on here. I have met people from all over the States and "across the pond" in Europe.

I have a fascination with England and Ireland so I am always looking for blogs about or by people from those countries. I even read a German blog that is luckily written in English since my German is abit on the rough side. Ha ha! The coolest thing is that I would have never met these people even with regular internet nor had a "view" into their lives if it weren't for blogger.

So thank you Blogger and all you Bloggers for enriching my life and opening my eyes to things I would have never before experienced!

Happy Thursday everyone!!


Jamie said...

In case you really loved my shirt: I found it in the Junior's section at Macy's :)

Jade said...

I've been on MySpace since 2003. It was my first 'bloggin' site. I still get way more comments on my writing there than I do on blogger. Blogger isn't the most user friendly of sites either. I think that live journal is pretty cool though. Thanks for reading my blogs!

David said...

Hey! Always love reading your stuff no matter where I read it. I do like blogger better, too. But it is easier to catch up with old friends on myspace. I still can't figure out how to decorate my myspace page. I'll figure it out someday when I have time. Maybe I'll see you Sunday.

Ameratis said...

Hmm well in that you are right, MySpace is good with connecting to friends and I should say that some people do write but the majority of the people I have seen have not. And yes blogger takes some getting "noticed" to really get comments but it does tend to have more writing oriented people.

Sal said...
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