Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday! Viernes! Freitag! Vrijdag! Fredag!

Aren't they gorgeous? Now I must explain that this Imp enjoys flowers and even enjoys getting flowers....yes yes not just Froofroo but all of us enjoy getting flowers. Just not your typical "flower" This Imp does not like roses or carnations. I like daisies, sunflowers, gladiolus, spider lilies, different flowers.
Last night I bought myself these flowers and they made me smile. Mr. Kitty was very upset that I would not let him eat them. I told him I did not buy them for kitty I bought them for myself. I basked in their beauty and reveled in their mere cost ($6) See it is easy and cheap to make the Imp smile.
Now on to other things:
IT IS FRIDAY! Today I thought I would focus on my love of music. I seriously can put a song with every important moment of my life, except maybe my birth but I am sure I could ask The Mom for one. Starting age three it was "Away in the Manger" my first duet in church, age 5-7 it was "P for Promise" which I loved to sing for my Papa. My first "memory" of the acting bug (though I had done things prior) was aroun 8 or 9 with "My Fair Lady" and all of its songs. (British accent included) As I get older more and more songs I can remember. My first and only time ever to be in love is marked by Edwin McCain's "I'll Be"
My first year in showchoir is always remebered with "Old Rock n Roll". I am thinking about starting a musical collage to my life which would be fun. BUT for today I am going to throw out some lyrics of songs that I find myself enjoying right now and blend well with certian areas of my life:
My optimistic side can be defined sometimes by....
"Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Be True"
"Always Look On The Bright Side of Life"

My philisophical side can most times be defined by...
"My New Philosophy"

My sassy side can be defined by...
"All That Jazz"

My "I don't like males" mood (yes I do have this mood sometimes) can be defined with...
"Cell Block Tango"
"Forget About The Boy"
"Sleep to Dream"
This list goes on...

My "How I would like to feel when I fall in love" mood can be defined with...
"Accidently In Love"
"Somos Novios" (Item #5)
"Wrapped up in You"
"Fall to Pieces"
This list goes on abit :)

I could go on and on but I will stop here because I have endless amounts of songs, these were just the ones off the top of my head. Perhaps as I work on my musical collage I will show my progress :)

Happy Friday everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

since you were born on the darkest day of the year, i guess that it would have to be You are my sunshine you are really my little song-love ya lots