Wednesday, August 9, 2006

So I am not so much Oscar today as I was yesterday which is a good thing for those who must spend time in my presence.

I am slowly extracting myself from the Blah feel. I managed to get reconnected to fast internet at home. Big Hooray! And I got a phone call from a very good looking guy yesterday. Ok so he called me about the show and callbacks...not really calling me persay but he still called me so I am letting it count! I am biasedly hoping he gets a part because that will soothe the loss of the part and being tricked into stage managing again. This Imp definitely can stage manage when there is eye candy to enjoy during the process.

Bah I am just poo pooing alot. I enjoy stage managing alot and actually am already excited about doing it. I am not sure what it will entail this time because there is an assistant director as well where last time I was both. So new adventure in somewhat familiar waters.

So I watched a great movie the other night called Dear Frankie. Here is Netflix's synopsis of it: Faced with the prospect of raising her son, Frankie, with a good-for-nothing man, Lizzie spirits him away to Scotland and pretends the boy's father is aboard the HMS Accra. After years of pretending, including sending Frankie fake letters detailing his dad's adventures, the jig is up when Frankie learns the ship is docked by their home. Now, Lizzie must find a man to pose as Frankie's father … fast!

It is a very good movie and has Gerard Butler in it which is, of course, swoon inducing....well with Froofroo it is swoon inducing. Gerard plays the Phantom in the new movie version of Phantom of the Opera. Le Sigh. It was a good movie indeed.

So now that I have highspeed at home again I can post there as well and maybe get more than just a post every two or three days. I can't leave my reader wanting.

Ohh I deleted and added blogs that I read on the side bar -----------> so take a look. And I have added my favorite saying under the profile area :)


Breazy said...

I love the new look ! I know what you mean when you say you feel blah . My kids went back to school monday and I have been blah from missing them all week . You have a good week!

Sal said...

Leave them a little wanting, but do deliver. A purveyor of eye candy ... well now, it is HNT!

lani said...

eye candy good

the new format of the blog and its pretty colors, great!